Go Back to School with 4.0 Schools

4.0 community members are constantly asking us how they can connect with our alums and bring their ventures into schools and classrooms. Well, it’s back to school time and we’re here to help. Here’s a whole host of opportunities to learn more about and partner with our alumni schools, nonprofits, services, and products.

No more stickies notes.

Check out these EdTech tools.

Educasic bridges the gap between parents, teachers, and students in early grades with digital flashcards that support student learning and keep parents and teachers in the know. Sign up for free.

Smart Coos helps parents and teachers teach children a second language easily with online live sessions on it’s intuitive platform. Sign up by 9/30 to get one-week free.

Branching Minds streamlines the RTI process to pinpoint why students are struggling and provides recommendations to teachers on how to support students. Learn more.

ClassTracks is a vocabulary app that lets foreign language teachers spend less time drilling and more time communicating with their students. Sign up now to get a 30-day free trial.

Flummox and Friends is an off-beat, live-action comedy that helps quirky kids navigate the social and emotional world. Get the free FlummoxVision iPad app.

Aecern provides a discovery learning platform that builds observation, data and collaboration skills. Visit our website to bring this resource to your students for free. Learn more.

Overgrad provides your students with a web platform to track college and career goals and gives schools a hub to monitor student postsecondary data. Get you free account here.

MajorClarity gives students actual exposure to disciplines and careers to find their path, and helps counselors better track and advise their students. Sign up or request a free demo.

Fantasy Geopolitics turns students into fans (and managers) of learning about the world. Your fun class competitions will fuel their global competence! Sign up.

Formative allows teachers to see their students’ work as it happens and intervene when it matters most. Student work is sent instantly into gradebook for data-driven analytics and feedback. Sign up.

Vidcode teaches computer science through creative video projects. Kids make music videos, stop-motion animations, and video filters — all with code! Sign up for our fall program.

Welcome to College is a free web app that allows high school students to log their college visits and connect with tour guides based on shared interest and passions. Learn more.

Schools and Programs that Rock

Young Scholars is an education experience for families who want to homeschool in community. You can start a community in just a few weeks with as few as 10 families. Sign up.

The 1881 Research Institute is offering its Engineering Preparatory Program to middle and high schools who want to increase their offerings to students. Learn more.

Noble Minds is a school designed to meet the mental health needs of students who struggle with specific emotional and behavioral issues. Learn more.

RGLA is a school model that ensure that students who grow up in poverty do not have to make it out of the hood to feel successful. Learn More.

Get served with these services and programs

Enriched Schools makes substitute staffing simple for school leaders by connecting them to a a passionate and talented guest teacher. Learn more or sign up to be a guest teacher.

FutureMakers is a roster of visiting experts who serve schools that seek to integrate maker education and enhance the project-based experiences of students and staff. Learn more.

Electric Girls is community of girls and women teaching each other to be leaders in STEM. Learn more and volunteer.

Get Physical with these Physical Products

blink blink Creative Circuit Kits provide the tools to engineer DIY arts, crafts, and fashion projects with technology, specially designed with empathy for girls ages 8–18. Buy a kit!

Beyond Margins provides step by step guidance to parents and families, helping them know exactly what to do and say while reading with their child. Sign up.

Have a great year everyone!

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