How can a Slip and Fall Expert Help in a Case Involving Negligence?

If you have a case involving negligence, you will need a safety expert, such as a slip and fall expert witness, to evaluate the safety measures at the time of the accident against reasonable best practices.

In cases of slips, trips and falls, there can be a different reason for an accident in each case. Slips are often a result of very little friction or traction between the walking surface and your feet. This can occur as a result of spills, weather hazards or even poor tread on footwear. Trips can appear if you strike an object with your foot, and can lead to a lot of damage. Falls tend to take place on multiple levels. Falling down the stairs is surely one of the most common issues that you can encounter in such a situation, but chairs and ladders can also be a cause.

A safety expert witness can aid in the determination of the actual cause of injury, helping your case.

Establish Negligence

Expert testimony may help establish the negligence of the party which is required in many cases. For example, in a slip and fall case, the litigant may accuse a store owner of failure to maintain, modify, repair, correct, inspect or warn the general public of a dangerous condition and how the failure to exercise proper care was the immediate cause of the plaintiff’s injury.

Investigation and Evaluation

A safety expert witness will measure and analyze floor plans, testifying on whether the safety policy and flooring in question met industry standards. The expert may also evaluate how factors such as moisture from spilled drinks or dripping oil from a container affected the slip resistance of a particular flooring surface and led to the injury.

A slip and fall expert examines the places where individuals may slip, trip, or fall. S/he will analyze and explain the reasons behind the accidents, test slip resistance, and examine the methods used for design, construction and maintenance of the property. Such expert opinion may assist in accidents involving ladders, stairs, walkways, ramps, speed bumps, parking lots and store aisle ways.

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