So, here I am writing my blogpost #0.

Not a first post in my life, of course. As many other people, I used to have a blog at livejournal which (as many others, too) I used to dump the chaotic thoughts of a growing teenager discovering the world around him. That maybe even happened even twice, I can’t recall it now. Then several years ago I started over again on Blogger — and that “blog” is even still there. As you can see, for some time I was keeping up to a good pace of one post per year, cheers to me!
So, why again? Why now?

Well, there are several reasons actually. Here I’ll just name them and give a very brief outline for each.
Let it be the manifesto for this blog.

  • Collecting my thoughts in an ordered way.
    Of course I use a bunch of tools like Evernote, but, as you know, notes there are mostly “write-only”, whilst I would want to have some “bookmarks” I could easily refer to at any given point.
  • Giving myself a kick to learn new stuff more systematically.
    So far, I constantly keep looking into languages, technologies and frameworks that are new to me, such as Scala, Haskell, Rust, Go etc. However, so far my interests have been becoming wide yet shallow. I’d like to dive somewhat deeper, and I think urging myself to write about experience will help.
  • Getting new connections and building a community.
    The power of community in the modern world cannot be undervalued. And it’s much easier to get integrated into the community once you provide a topic to discuss.
  • Educating fellows and more junior devs.
    Time flies, so that one week ago I found myself working at my job for 5 years. Having looked back, I realized that there is a number of hopefully useful things that I can communicate to my peers. Also, as me and my colleagues ran a C++ training for students this summer, I realized that there are more people who I could help by just sharing my experience.
  • Marketing myself to potential employers and partners.
    At a certain point I started thinking that although I’ve gained some interesting experience over my last 5 years, there’s no way a person from the outer world can find that out other than just trusting my words. All my efforts were invested into building the software for really great systems which serve great purposes, such as enabling cutting-edge science, including e.g. cancer research. However, all that is proprietary development, so no chance to show myself up to the outside. I want to change this. I have lots of ideas on how, but ideas are useless by themselves. I really hope this blog will help me to turn them into actions with clearly seen deliverables.
  • Getting hand on with modern environment.
    As I usually say, I’m working to enable building great systems using the technologies that are treated as “legacy” by many people. I can argue that one can gain lots of insights from that, yet the fact remains: I never wrote anything like microservices, never depoyed my projects in a cloud and never touched anything like frontend. Thus, I want to make sure I manage to keep up with modern tendencies, while still profiting from my work experience.

So, let’s see how far I will manage to advance on this path. If you’re interested in that too, or would like to keep me company, or just to cheer me up, follow the updates. See you soon!