Hacking Through Amazon’s Jungle of Coverage
Jeff Jarvis

I am almost glad that Amazon is (shown as) treating its white collar workers shabbily. A commenter on a Reddit thread about this story said he/she thought Amazon only did this to its blue collar employees. Multiple instances of reprehensible treatment of Amazon’s warehouse employees have been reported and I am not sure if they compelled Mr. Bezos to respond publicly like he has done this time. I also doubt that there was much of a peep about the warehouse conditions from the digirati, chatterati and the ilk who are incensed by the NYT story.

Amazon’s technological and logistical virtues do not counterbalance it’s callousness towards its employees. Nor do those virtues make Amazon’s (or Google’s or Walmart’s) unimpeded growth and dominance desirable in a world where the default setting already is to facilitate the concentration of wealth and power. As for the horrifying spectre of unionization, well, this country could stand to face that fear and see its irrationality for what it is. While we are at it, we may want to also evaluate the rationality of believing that owning a handful of shares of a large company makes us one of its “owners” in any way other than in name.