Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

Yes, abuse bad, but I’m not sure what Twitter should do about it -- Reddit has taken measures against some obvious offenders but it hasn’t been without controversy. Where is the line that separates platform-wide controls to weed out abuse, however one defines it, from the centralized platform mediating the interactions between people connecting on the platform? Social media companies already mediate to comply with government restrictions around the world. Do we really want them to also police for potentially uncivil utterances?

If people are deserting Twitter, I hope it’s because they are realizing that a "public square" where anyone in the square can be privy to your conversations, and freely chime in, is not conducive to healthy socializing or discourse. Distributed platforms like Diaspora and Pump.io are closer to the way we naturally engage with others. They allow you better control of whom you engage with as well as the facility to make new acquaintances. All this without the platform hitting you up for data and clicks to aid its bottom-line.

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