Avoid These Grammatical Mistakes to Score Good

Dealing with academic assignments is definitely a very daunting task. However, if you avoid basic errors, you can definitely master the art. Firstly, you need to understand that it takes a lot of attention and time. Moreover, you need to take care of some common grammatical mistakes, to ensure that your grade remains unaffected. Given below are some tips to help you write it with perfection. We have discussed some common Grammar errors; have a look…

· Pronouns

These elements are commonly used in place of nouns. Firstly, pronouns must not be overused and secondly, see to it whether they match the nouns or not.

· Nouns

Basically, nouns accomplish the function of subjects and objects. You need to know few things before using them in your paper; all uncountable nouns “MUST” be used in singular form, while all countable ones should have correct determiners.

· Verbs

It is of utmost importance to use auxiliary verbs properly. This is because; it adds functional and grammatical meaning to clauses. Basically, they accompany main verbs and express voice, mood or aspect. Always ensure that the modal verbs and auxiliaries are used with perfection, without a single error.

· Subject-predicate

How to see if the subject-predicate is correctly linked? For this, you need to check whether the predicate and subject agree in number and person both.

· Possession

Check whether possessive forms that are used in the sentences are proper or not. Correctly expressed possessions hold great importance.

Given below are some Grammar rules that have to be followed while writing the paper;

Apart from these errors, also pay attention to Grammar rules, so that the assignment is correct;

Ø Complete sentences must be written. This means, a sentence with a subject and a verb.

Ø Tenses must be matched. Don’t keep changing these tenses throughout the writing. Moreover, make sure that the verb and subject are used in either past tense or either present tense.

Ø Check on ‘Me’ and ‘I’! Yes, you need to pay attention to the correct usage of ‘I’ and ‘Me’ in your articles.

Ø Double negatives are a strict ‘NO’. For instance, you can’t write ‘Not’, ‘Watching’ and ‘Anything’ together in 1 sentence.

Ø Know the difference between ‘Good’ and ‘Well’. Good is used in case of nouns and well is used in case of verbs.

Ø Make sure you know the difference between ‘May’ and ‘Might’. Usually, might is uncertainty, while may is a possibility.

Ø If versus Whether. If is used in those conditions, wherein no alternatives are there, but whether is used in those conditions where there are 2 or more alternatives.

Ø Less versus few. Less denotes hypothetical quantities and few denotes things which aren’t quantified.

Once you avoid these mistakes, you are sure to get the best. A number of people take writing help from online paper writing websites to get excellent grades and affordable papers in less time.

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