Money Shines, Mayweather McGregor Aftermath

Sunday, August 27th, the day of THE fight. All of the hype, all of the anticipation, the trash talk ect; it was all finally over and the fight many were saying would be the biggest of all time was being projected on a giant screen at Magnums in Airlie Beach. I knew before hand that the pub would be packed to the rafters as every man and his dog would be watching this fight, however what I didn’t count on was it being standing room only by the time the under card had started. Thanks to the quick thinking of a mate we were able to snag a couch front and centre for the spectacle that was to come.

It wasn’t difficult to tell the crowd was primarily in favour of the Irishman Conor McGregor (0–1) but if one had any doubts they were quickly dispelled as the Notorious One made his entrance to the ring draped in his home country’s flag. Floyd Mayweather’s (50–0) entrance to the ring on the other hand was an ominous one and was met with jeers and boos from the pro Conor crowd. I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous for a fight, money on bets aside there was a lot riding on this result; the pride of the boxing world riding on Floyd’s shoulders being the obvious one. From the sound of the opening bell it was difficult for me to hear my own thoughts as every time Conor landed even a grazing punch the entirety of Magnums would erupt in a crescendo of jubilant cheers. It was difficult not to get caught up in the moment as situations like this don’t come a long too often and all of the pre-fight hype had tensions at a fever pitch. Conor won the first round on my card which wasn’t surprising given Floyd’s penchant for starting slowly, however what was surprising was Conor’s ability to keep Floyd at arms length stifling his offence. I was legitimately impressed with Conor’s use of foot work and angles in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th as although Floyd was never in any trouble, Conor was actually being competitive and in my opinion was tied 2 rounds for 2.

The middle rounds of the fight were a different story, the shoulder rolling Floyd Mayweather we are used to seeing was no where to be found. Instead what we saw was Floyd on the front foot with his guard up high and chin tucked low, coming straight ahead with no concerns of retaliation from his debutante opponent. Conor was still trying to remain active, however it was becoming quickly apparent that he was running out of ideas and was resorting to dirty tactics like hammer punches to the back of Floyd’s head. By the end of the 6th it was obvious the tide had turned and the early success Conor enjoyed quickly turned into a distant memory. At this stage of the fight Conor began to visibly become fatigued, his punches no longer had any weight behind them and he rarely took a step forward. Floyd on the other hand still looked as fresh as he did in the first round and his punches were increasingly finding their mark with ease. There was a sense in the room that a knock out was coming as the cheers for Conor began to fade and were replaced with a chorus of groans every time he ate a big punch. Floyd was now a man possessed, clearly focused on the goal of knocking Conor out and through rounds 7, 8 & 9 it seemed to only be an inevitability.

The bell for round 10 sounded and it was clear for all to see that Conor was finished. His legs had given out several rounds earlier while Floyd at the age of 41 was still nimble and fleet footed coming in for the kill. Starting with a combination of big lead right hands, Floyd sent Conor careening backwards into the ropes. The Irishman tried clinching with Floyd in hopes of gaining a small respite from the onslaught but it was to no avail. There was blood in the water and Floyd was a Great White Shark hellbent on a meal. Conor was no longer physically able to defend himself and Floyd didn’t hesitate cementing his legacy in the history books with two well placed left hooks to Conor’s temple and jaw. While he never hit the deck the ref had seen enough of Conor taking unanswered punishment and just like that the biggest fight in combat sports history was was waved off.

Looking back I am still very impressed with what Conor was able to do. Sure it wasn’t pretty and sure it was Floyd’s game plan to let the Irishman wear himself out. But no one, least of all me expected him to win a single round. In my mind Conor has nothing to be ashamed about with that loss, he went in there with arguably the best of all time, gave it his all and was humble in defeat. As for Floyd it’s hard to give him too much praise as let’s not forget this was Conor’s first pro boxing bout. One thing I do want to give him credit for, he said he was going to knock Conor out and he fought in a way we have not seen from him in close to 15 years to achieve that. It’s incredibly sad knowing that this is Floyd’s last ever fight and there is the real possibility that we may never see something like this for a generation. No body quite puts on a show like Floyd “Money” Mayweather but Conor “The Notorious” McGregor may just be the one to fill in the void that Floyd will leave behind.

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