TIDAL — The new greed service

There’s a new Spotify rival, TIDAL was launched by Jay Z, and now many other artists are showing their support by changing theirs social media’s profile pictures to blue. Already Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Daft Punk and Madonna have been turning their Twitter profile pictures and header images blue.

This can mean big trouble for spotify if they decide to do a Taylor Swift’s move and take their music away from spotify’s library.

About the service

There are two paid subscription options: $19.99 a month for high-fidelity audio, and $9.99 for standard quality audio. TIDAL can be streamed on the web, and downloaded for iOS and Android devices.

The big factor that TIDAL wants to make is the quality of sound, but will it really make a difference? Only if you have good hardware. Is it worth to pay for slightly better quality? Remember that better quality comes with bigger expenses, specially in the amount of storage/internet usage.

Do they really need to charge this much for music?

Only 24 years old, Swift is making her fifth appearance on the FORBES Celebrity 100 with her highest earnings to date: $64 million
The mogul’s total is his highest since 2010, bolstered by a diverse list of sources. There’s his growing Roc Nation empire; 68 concerts in our scoring period; business ventures ranging from his 40/40 clubs to his D’Ussé cognac; and his latest album, which was certified platinum before it was released due to an agreement with Samsung to buy 1 million copies. $60 million.
The biggest year of Queen B’s career comes courtesy of a massive tour. The superstar singer played 95 shows, bringing in an average $2.4 million per city, according to Pollstar. She also dropped her most innovative album. Titled simply “Beyoncé,” the record hit iTunes in December with barely any publicity; the single “Drunk in Love” has already sold more than 1 million copies. $115 million.

This is how much they earned in 2014 according to Forbes. Why the need to end Spotify’s model? Why do musicians need to be paid more than a police officer or a teacher? I’m thankfull for Spotify, where I can pay my music’s service through ads and artists get their share. If the artists take out their music from Spotify, well, Youtube will do the job.