Help me find the best car warranty insurance for my new Mercedes

Deciding on car warranty insurance is as much important a decision as buying the car. When you buy warranty insurance you want to get a guarantee that you can get the vehicle repaired whenever necessary so that its life is extended through better care.

There are so many auto insurance companies that offer warranty insurance that you may be confused to select the best car warranty insurance for your new Mercedes. To make things simple, do some home work before you reach the market. Firstly, decide on what features of the car warranty insurance you consider to be best for you.

Make a list of the features and match it with the offers that you collect. The maximum number of ticks that you can give on an offer would make it the best offer for you. Next, move on to the commercial aspects of the offer and make a comparison in case you have multiple offers that can qualify for the best.

Check the coverage
It would be unwise to assume that every warranty insurance policy provides bumper to bumper coverage like the manufacturer’s warranty. There are limitations of warranty insurance that has to be understood. Read the offer carefully to understand the extent of coverage. There can be capping of amount that can be spent on different types of repair. There can even be some deductibles. Even if the extended warranty is from the manufacturer it has to be scrutinised closely as tune-ups, oil changes and air filters are included in some packages.

Scope of service
The scope of service has to be examined because some warranties might cover the entire vehicle whereas some others might limit it to specific components and parts. Trying to get the battery under extended warranty will involve additional cost. Regardless of the length of the warranty make sure to check the duration of cover for specific parts as the period of warranty cover can vary. Wear and tear is generally excluded and the electrical system might have a lesser period of cover than the overall warranty. Check if there is provision for extending coverage beyond the basic policy.

Cost involvement
How much you have to pay for buying the car assurance indicates whether it is best for you. Check out the basic cost and any other costs that are hidden or recurring in nature. This is necessary to work out the total cost. Know about deductibles or service fees that may be applicable on specific repairs. Often the total cost of insurance is manipulated in a crafty way so that the smaller elements that add up to a considerable goes unnoticed.

Credentials of warranty provider
Evaluate the capabilities of the warranty provider on a few parameters that tells how reliable and efficient they are. Gather information about claim settlement speed and the number of customer complaints they handle. How reliable the company is can be ascertained from these factors.
The path is shown and now it is up to you to locate the best car warranty insurance provider.