Family Rehab Home With Women Integrated Treatment

To specify Dr JPS Bhatia explained that people talk about Drugs and they are unaware of addiction. Addiction is not only of Drugs it also involves in relationship addiction, mobile addiction, internet addiction, gambling, lust for money.Addiction Treatment For Women, Womens Rehab Centers, Women’s Addiction Treatment Center, Women Alcohol Treatment In Punjab, Women Drug Treatment In India, Women Rehab In India, Women’s Alcohol Treatment Centers, Women De Addiction Centre, Women Drug Treatment In Punjab Dr Bhatia also said that as compared to men, women respond differently to the disease of addiction, biologically, psychologically and socially therefore there is a need for “ GENDER SPECIFIC AND RESPONSIVE “ treatment. Denial of recognising this fact is in itself a kind of oppression or injustice. Dr. Bhatia added, that the sad part is that women in addiction undergo multi-folded trauma, as compared to men. They suffer more Stigma — guilt — shame, loss of relationships, and the worst of all , unavailability of proper and good treatment ,and diagnose. Women who are suffering with this disease are “ objectified “ . They are physically and sexually abused. This is a unending chain of exploitation and harassment. This leads to a TRAUMA. This deep embedded fear makes the treatment almost impossible.WIT is a value based program, with women oriented groups with positive synergies , safe and nurturing environment , aftercare , self-dependency and a lifelong extended family to give power and support. WIT is a holistic model which caters to physiological, environmental, emotional, spiritual and social needs. This family oriented model believes in intervention of various types and lending support. It is the only program which believes in complete TRANSFORMATION, not only on just harm reduction. Dr. Bhatia believes that the latest trends being adopted of substitution or harm reduction drug practice is more detrimental than constructive.Another unique aspect of the program is that besides Doctors , therapists, and Counselors , there is a dedicated team of 20–30 women, who have fought the disease of addiction in various roles. Because these women have suffered the pain of addiction , they offer unparalleled DEVOTION. This fellowship is the edge that The Hermitage WIT. From security to psychiatrist , it is going to be “ all women team “.