You Need To Know How To Use Guns If You Want To Be Able to Regulate Them
Yishan Wong

I applaud your efforts to bring reason and facts to those who’ve formed their opinions using neither reason nor facts. I am a 2A self defense advocate, and am good friends with a recently retired school teacher (aka: flaming democrat) who is diametrially opposed to guns, and frequently quotes eloquent nonesense promoted by the anti-gun movement. Finally, after years of friendly ribbing, I challenged him to put my money where his mouth was. I was in the market for a new handgun (in California), so I challenged HIM to buy it, anyway he wanted, with the understanding that I would buy it from him as soon as possible.

Buying a handgun was an eye opening experience for him! He went through the hand gun safety training class (just an hour at a local range) and took his test, then shopped around and dealt with nothing but polite, no-nonsense, sober minded gun salesmen, he learned that the gun I asked for was “not on the list” (which was intentional on my behalf), then finally “bought” something similar, only to be flumoxed by the 1o day hold. To top it all off, he failed the background check! A prior “experiment” with a controlled substance was on his record and disqualfied him for being eligible to buy a weapon. Today, he considers himself the molder of minds, the shaper of our youth, a teacher extraordinare and an upstanding citizen of impeciable class and value…. but with a criminal record that he had completley forgotten about. Oh the irony. I’ve been chuckling about our little wager for two years now, and I’m still laughing at his indignation!

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