Introducing Candidate Search for Employers

Today we are excited to launch 500 Miles for Employers. This powerful new product enables companies to discover job-seeking students and young professionals from 1,600 colleges and universities. Employers including ThoughtSpot, Zenefits and Egnyte are already using 500 Miles to receive applications, build their recruiting brand and compete for talent with powerhouses like Google and Facebook. Now 500 Miles for Employers is publicly available to help growing companies effectively build out high-performance teams.

How Does 500 Miles Attract Top Talent?

The 500 Miles mobile app virtually brings hundreds of fast growing startups to campuses like Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Purdue, Michigan, Georgia Tech, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Texas, Northwestern and University of Pennsylvania. Students join 500 Miles because the app provides them transparency, control, deep insights (e.g., hiring trends, past employers and colleges of current employees, international hiring), and valuable information (e.g., alumni connections, open jobs) for about 1000+ companies. Here’s how one Michigan student uses 500 Miles to track promising companies.

Students use 500 Miles to find and get hired at high-growth companies. They are ready to make an impact on their first day. In fact 98% of our members would like to join a fast-growing company and 63% joined 500 Miles to specifically do so. What more could an employer ask for?

The Goods: What’s in it for Companies?

500 Miles offers 4 key benefits to employers seeking top talent. These include:

Employers can search for top talent and reach out to them using the 500 Miles web app.

The search for candidates begins by entering a school name or a current or past employer name.

Employers can next filter results by the type of opportunities a candidate is looking for, by their major and/or by their past/current work experience.

Recruiters can review candidates profiles and quickly reach out to them by sending them emails. Once a candidate has been contacted, the 500 Miles application tracking system makes the interview process super easy for both employers and candidates.

500 Miles helps employers communicate the application status with the candidate. When an applicant submits an application, the progress bar for the role in the mobile app changes from “New” to “Applied”. When the hiring team begins reviewing the applicant’s info, the status is updated to “In review”. Finally, when an application has been thoroughly examined and a decision is made, the status will change to “Reviewed”.

Throughout the process, the app automatically communicates application status to candidates. When candidates get notified, they know employers are making progress on their application thereby winning more respect for the employers and their hiring processes.

3) Custom fields in job listings

When posting a job on the 500 Miles platform, employers can request additional information from candidates like websites (GitHub, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, personal website or design portfolio) and also ask open-ended questions like, “What do you like to do outside of work?” These additional fields or questions can be marked optional or required by the employers.

Answers to these questions can help employers get a complete picture of the candidate which is useful for effective curation.

In addition to the resume, the 500 Miles employer app presents a complete picture of the candidate including profile information, preferences, websites and answers to various questions.

Our approach is to bring candidates and employers together in a simple, natural way where interest already exists on both sides. Once connected, we ensure each party is delighted with their experience.

500 Miles & Your Company

In summary, 500 Miles for Employers enables companies to efficiently and effectively hire top talent from across the nation. Students and young professionals use the 500 Miles mobile app every day to discover, evaluate and get hired by companies that interest them. Candidate search is an excellent way for companies to reach exactly who they are looking for.

Talkdesk, Zenefits, Egnyte, ThoughtSpot, Chartcube and Y Media Labs are already using 500 Miles to hire top notch talent from across the nation.

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Originally published at on March 16, 2016.

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