New Stack: The Breakout List

Introducing our newest Stack, “The Breakout List” which was compiled by a third party after surveying successful investors. At 500 Miles, we really gravitated towards this list as our goal is to help students and talented job seekers find breakout opportunities in the technology industry. For a company to be included on the list, it must exceed $5mm ARR (annual recurring revenue) or equivalent, and be poised to triple each year for the next three years.

Stacks feature companies organized by certain performance metrics.

Each of these companies can certainly be considered career launching opportunities and that’s why we are so excited to be adding this Stack to our platform. At high growth companies, things move at a breakneck pace and employees are forced to learn quickly, collaborate and adapt. We know that students want to join rapidly growing companies but such opportunities are not always easy to identify especially for those who don’t closely follow the tech news beat. Some of the companies on this list have yet to really build an “employer brand” and may currently fly under the radar. But that does not mean they aren’t hiring or that they’re not a great company. Rather, they are busy growing an exceptional company and would love for talented people to join their mission. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t actively “recruit” you, these are opportunties worth working for.

According to Peter Thiel, working at a high growth company is a great way to gain a competitive edge and quickly rise to the top of your field. Beyond the potential financial awards of joining a high growth company (through equity based compensation), Thiel speaks to the intellectually stimulating environment of companies like these where you can maximize your “intellectual growth rate”. When a company is growing like crazy, often the employees are forced to grow right along side it. If you want to work in tech, joining a high growth firm helps you get your feet wet (or even soaked) and increases your stock on the job market.

“Get on a rocket ship. When companies are growing quickly and they are having a lot of impact, careers take care of themselves.” Eric Schmidt said this to Sheryl Sandberg about joining Google in 2001. Sandberg launched her career in tech and look at her now. According to Sam Altman, if you choose join a breakout company “you will work with very good people, learn what success looks like, and get a W on your record.” Working with great people helps you to leverage your abilities and build an excellent network of highly capable people. When you witness success at a high level, good things continue to happen.

Choose your rocket ship.

We encourage you to visit the Stack and browse the deep insights we provide on all the Breakout List companies (plus over 420 more). Our platform helps job candidates discover, evaluate and engage with breakout opportunities. Armed with information like investors’ confidence, salaries offered and attrition rates, you can make a better decision about what company to launch your career at or what rocket ship to join next.

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