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At 500 Miles, we deeply believe that the the right job is out there for everyone. That’s why we recommend our members a number of employers each week that are looking to hire someone like them. Recently, we overhauled our recommender system to bring our members companies and jobs that are a better fit for their backgrounds, skills and preferences. Let us tell you how we do it.

Matches Based on Deep Intelligence

Our recommender system uses deep intelligence that we have built about employers. We refer to this as the Company DNA. This includes each company’s growth, health, tech stack, past hiring trends and future needs. The Company DNA is coupled with your professional and academic background, expertise, future plans and constraints (e.g. locations) to compute a personalized “Fit Score”. These Fit Scores help us recommend even more jobs that perfectly fit your needs and companies that are looking to hire someone just like you.

Here’s how the 500 Miles Recommender System works in a nutshell:

If you make a few updates to your profile on 500 Miles, we can instantly begin providing you with more personalized recommendations. Here’s how to make the necessary updates:

Let’s Find You a Job

  1. Visit the 500 Miles web app or mobile apps (iOS and Android) and go to your profile.
  2. Next, under the EMPLOYERS section in your profile, add your current and past employers including your titles.
  3. Also be sure to update your ideal next job in the DESIRED ROLES section.
  4. After this, once you navigate away from your profile, you will be prompted to refresh your recommendations.
  5. Click refresh and in a matter of minutes, you will receive recommendations that are a better fit for you. It’s that easy!

Your ideal job opportunity is out there. We are here to help you find it.

500 Miles

500 Miles, with 350,000 company profiles and half a million open jobs, is a data-driven job search app that cuts through the noise. Whether you are a fresh graduate, an experienced professional or a mid-career professional looking to switch careers, 500 Miles will help you discover, evaluate and land opportunities that are right for you.

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Originally published at blog.500miles.io on October 1, 2016.

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