Profile and Enhanced Recommendations on 500 Miles Web App

We’re excited to inform you of the latest additions to the 500 Miles web app. These updates help you to further customize your 500 Miles experience and enable you to find the jobs and companies that are right for you.


You can now view and update your 500 Miles profile on the web app.

If you have not done so recently, be sure to update your Preferred Locations and Desired Roles as this will enable our recommendations engine to deliver you better, more customized recommendations.

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Adding your school(s) and previous/current employer(s) will enable us to show your connections at companies. Our Connections feature has proved to be quite popular as it enables our members to discover former classmates or colleagues working at companies they might want to work for.

Recommendations Rationale

Ever wonder why a certain company is recommended to you? Not anymore. Each company included in your Recommended For You feed now features a “Why is this recommended?” card so you have a better idea of why a company is showing up in your feed.

500 Miles

500 Miles, with 350,000 company profiles and half a million open jobs, is a comprehensive, data-driven job search app that cuts through the noise. Whether you are a fresh graduate, an experienced professional or a mid-career professional looking to switch careers, 500 Miles will help you discover, evaluate and find opportunities that are right for you.

Originally published at on September 1, 2016.

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