2nd days: We can do it everything

This evening, I met my friends. He is really decisive and ambitious man. Now, he’s a trainer manager of Thegioididong. They will promote he to CEO group and his salary will be double at the end of this month. However, He wants to start up a training company after three years in there. I asked him why do he want to do that. He said that he wanted to build his own company. He’s alway believe on himself. He tells me about the way he learned English. When he was a student, he very endeavored. Afer working hours, he went to 23/9 park in District 1 for learning English. Daily, he smiled and greeted foreigners and tried to talk with them. But not many people responded to him. However, it can’t put down his smile, he tried it again. He did it during one year. He said that English’s not difficult with he and I can do it also. I trust him and I will do it.