Guess Who’s Back

Tutorials Reprise

view from my window of rainy Brasenose college

Today I woke up for breakfast and was operating on another level. I’ve not slept for more than three hours at a time and am essentially running solely on adrenaline. At breakfast I got to see everyone again, I missed them all. We, Jill, Dwaine, and I, walked to prêt, and then came back to the JCR to edit papers. Since I wrote mine entirely on a bus, I was v worried, but they said it was good so here’s hoping. Then, we went to lunch and walked over to Sylvie’s, that café we went to last Tuesday before tutorials. Unfortunately, Rosie, the cat, was nowhere to be found. Caleigh was distressed. But tutorials were good. We talked about language, and explained to Dr. Mark Williams what “dank” meant in the modern usage (i.e., “dank meme” or “dank kush” lol). We went back to Sylvie’s for a little bit, then everyone left to go back to Brasenose. I stayed so Sophie would’t have to hang out fully alone again, and waited for Sam and Jill to get out of tutorial.

BYE hiring Sam as my personal photographer

We’d decided earlier to have a night in to watch movies and do face masks. So we set off towards LUSH, and I bought a Mask of Magnaminty for everyone to share. Dwaine, Yael, Emma, Sophie, Jill, Sam, and I hung out in Jill’s room for a little bit. At some point Alberse, Will, and Farris showed up. We played Never Have I Ever, again, and plot twist ! I didn’t win!! I always win because I’m lame and isolate myself. Then Dwaine went “clubbing” with the other group. We did end up doing face masks. So at one point last night, Jill, Yael, Sophie, and I (Sam kept her flannel on) are all in states of undress so that this bright green clay mask doesn’t get on our shirts, and are all some level of intoxicated, watching Shrek. In all honesty I don’t really remember what happened in between washing the face masks off and watching Shrek, but at some point we went through each other’s Instagrams and liked every post (because we know how to have a good time lol). I slept through Shrek, then at some time I’m assuming around 1:30ish we walked to our respective staircases to go to bed. I woke up at 7am, as per usual, and remembered I hadn’t done laundry when I tried to get dressed and the only shirt that wasn’t in the dirty pile was on my body ☹️. So guess who’s doing laundry before having coffee.

P.S. playlist pushes on !!! (also somehow I’m a “top travel writer” here…I’ve infiltrated their system)