Light of My (Your) Life

Last Day in Oxford

This morning at breakfast I thought I was going to fall asleep in my hash brown. Nobody else seemed to be awake, so I went back to my room, wrote my conclusion, and printed it for tutorial. Dwaine returned in the dark of night (the dark of morning ? reference snapchat photo in yesterday’s post for context), and we resumed our morning walk. He said he doesn’t like Paris. Sacrilege ! But talked about his trip for Bastille Day, and how his weekend had been. It was nice to catch up. We walked for an hour and a half or so, and it was Hot. Too hot. I came back and tried to cool off, but the English aversion to air conditioning has been pillaging my privileged American body of comfort.

back patio of Sylvie’s

After lunch we went to tutorial. All the meetings after Justin’s and mine were pushed to tomorrow afternoon, so Emma, Emily, Kleiber, and I walked Mark Williams’s house. We thought maybe he was a ghost because we’d only seen him in the same outfit, and never with shoes on, but today he had a PhD meeting of some sort to attend and thus was not in a paint-stained t-shirt and athletic shorts. I got to talk to him about Kierkegaard (I’m the worst). He also told me I got an A on my paper. Incredible. It was Flaming Garbage™️. Kleiber and I walked back to Brasenose together and talked about how much I miss gridded city planning, and how Texas is a lawless land. Kleiber’s cool for someone with such a schemey face, lol.

at the brasenose event
sophis found a stick

Then I hung out with Jill for a little bit before the Alice in Wonderland themed party Brasenose hosted. I had veggie fish and chips, and pizza, and some of Kleiber’s slushy, and three brownies. I hate myself. Then we started playing chess (which I don’t know how to play), and eventually moved on to twister (at least Yael, Dwaine, and I did). Then, because it’s my last day and I’m the light of everyone’s life, we went out. We started at the Lamb and Flag, and I had a pint of cider (I still maintain that it tastes like kombucha). We tried to move to the Eagle and Child, but it was full and we went back to the Kings Arms. I didn’t drink anything, but sat with Sophie and Dwaine. I love them, they’re the best. We left a little early, got Hassan’s (I know, more food ??? still hate myself, never eating again), and went to Tesco where Dwaine bought pink wine, because we’re cultured sommeliers. We came back up to my room, drank a bottle of wine, and did face masks. I’m going to miss everyone so much. I’m a little sad I didn’t really get to say goodbye to Jeff or Emma or Sam, but I’ll probably see them in a few weeks in Norman. Oxford has been an incredible experience and I’ve had more fun than ever before.

P.S. tunes to play me out: Oxford, you’ve really got a hold on me