Punting Sucks

Oxford is Pretty, but Punting is Not For Me

This morning, after breakfast, Sam, Sophis, Jill, and I went to the top of St. Mary’s tower. There are So Many pictures. It was incredible. Then, we walked around and shopped a little before lunch. After which we went punting. Which is an activity for Unsavory Characters. I didn’t enjoy it. If you couldn’t gather from the title. I ended up in a boat with some people, and in the hopes of being less aggressive and petty will let them remain anonymous. But, yeah, if people could check their rude attitudes towards strangers who are only trying to help that’d be 💯. The sun felt like it was 5ft away from my face, and at one point I just put my head in my lap to escape the sheer levels of ****ery happening next to me. When the other boat got back we hung in Sam’s room, and kind of all went to bed after dinner. Since a bunch happened today but I’m unsure of how to expand, here are a bunch of pictures.

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