Staying In & Going Out

I Love Laying in the Grass…

This morning, I woke up and went to breakfast. I sat next to Caleigh and Emily, which was cool because I got to hear about Caleigh’s experience at Phantom of the Opera. It seems to be really important to her, and it was nice to hear about. After several cups of coffee, most of the people left at Oxford decided to go to the Ashmolean museum. I ended up spending almost two hours there and walking back for lunch with Gina. There was a really cool level that focused on textiles that was interesting. I mean, it was no Met Costume Institute, but it was still really cool, lol.

After lunch, we went to the science museum, and saw a blackboard that Einstein derived some equations on. Which I guess is cool. I’m more into conceptual relativity (and gravitational redshift is my go to party topic) but I guess calculus can be cool too. After we left, the group split, and Gina, Jeff, and I laid on the grass of the new quad for a little bit. It was really peaceful. Davis and someone else joined us on the lawn, and then we went to grab coffee. Gina had a flat white, but the rest of us had affogatos, which are vanilla gelato with two shots of espresso. It was delicious, but I’m still more satisfied with an americano.

In the coffee shop, we talked about a lot, but I mainly remember talking about books. I see Jeff in a new light. He told me about one of his favorite authors, Søren Kierkegaard, and I feel like I’m going to end up bugging him at Second Wind all semester about existentialism. (Davis started a groupMe for Jeff’s book rec’s) After we left the coffee shop, we came back to Brasenose for a second before heading to a comedy show at the story museum. Jeff, Gina, and I went. It was about the canon, and the tagline was “the canon, light of my life, fire of my loins… the canon.” It was hilarious. They made fun of Ulysses, and I had just said earlier in the day about how I tried to read it before coming to Oxford, but couldn’t get a copy from Bizzell. The funniest sketch was about the Iliad though… I’m basically a Classics major at this point, lol. After the comedy show we met Will in the street and got Indian food. We shared a bottle of wine, and I found out that we’re all lightweights. I had two glasses and was feeling really good. Jeff had one and a half, and fell over in my room during heads up. Oh, yeah, we came back to my room — Jeff, Gina, Davis, Justin, and Will — and played heads up… the rule was that we could only do songs. So we spent like an hour hum-yelling tunes at each other. I got out of guessing until I let it slip that I’d been switching sides the entire time so I would just have to sing, not guess. Today was such a good day. We might go to Blenheim tomorrow.

P.S. the Killers still go hard and I love them (another contender for song today was Bowie’s “I Can’t Read”)