Teleological Suspension of the Ethical

I Feel the Educational System has Failed Me

Today was the definition of a lazy Sunday. I went to breakfast thirty minutes late, drank coffee, and then went to play games in the JCR until noon. We went to go get pizza for lunch, and I had one topped with “rocket” which is apparently British English for Arugula. It was…delicious. Then we came back and played more games. If you want to win at the category called “hey mr. dj” in Heads Up — where you have to hum the tune, and they guess the song — play with me. I’m the best. Then, I convinced everyone to take a grass nap on the new quad. I’ve come to love sleeping on the grass. After a really nice grass nap, Tristan, one of the Oxford students came by and sat with us. He was reading Marx and talked with us about Kierkegaard and class and politics in the UK and US. I think I might be in love…I’m only half joking lol. He had a lot to say about how odd it is that christianity is tied to capitalism and how Kierkegaard theorizes that it has to do with presentation of authentic self, and how humans worship money in place of God because they’re insecure about authenticity, and are in despair about being inauthentic and about God — so its despair regardless, I guess that’s existentialism. Then we played pool. I found out that I don’t care for pool, and then headed to dinner. Now, I’m sitting with a face mask on procrastinating this essay and feeling like I’m missing out on stuff by going to Glasgow. I know I’m not though and will have a ton of fun. Also, no pictures today, but here’s a PDF of Fear and Trembling.

P.S. but the playlist persists