I’m a genius

Dr. Mark Williams had a hole in his shirt.

Dwaine and I walked around again yesterday morning. We went the other direction and ended up in the real ‘burbs this time… like we saw a toys r us. We walked back and went into Tesco to — I actually don’t remember why — but I bought a croissant for .75 pence, and charged it because I’ve got to have that international fee 🤘🏻. Then we walked back for lunch at Brasenose.

We met Brian at the front entrance and walked to Dr. Mark William’s house. Around the corner from his house was a super cute café called Sylvie. I ordered a cold brew which was unfortunately Not Strong Enough, mais c’est la vie. There was also and adorable café cat named Rosie. When we went to tutorial Justin said (not entirely unprompted) “Sometimes I wonder if I’m a sociopath… for obvious reasons.” Then I read my essay aloud, and we discussed, and I’m a Genius.

After tutorials, Jill, Sam, Dwaine, and I hung out and planned for dinner since it was the 4th and Brasenose put on a BBQ and our group has at least 3 veggies. Dwaine and I went to two separate Tescos to get wine (and spend a total of <£20 on 4 bottles of Not Great wine). We came back, put them in Jill’s fridge, then all walked to Tescos, again, to get £3 dinner. On the way Jill fell twice. We came back, ate dinner, and Dwaine brought over Secret Hitler. Sam, Sophis, Will, Jeff, Emma, and Yael came over and we played board games and got wine drunk so we’re so obviously working very hard here at Oxford University. This went on until Dwaine and Yael had to go on a wine run. They came back and just… I have a video but am too technologically challenged to figure out how to upload it.

We were sufficiently inebriated and Dwaine, Yael, Emma, Jeff, and myself decided at 2am to walk to a park because we needed to see the stars. We walked back after a minute and I successfully made it up the stairs to my room so I’d say it was a win for me.

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