495 days left

Got up late at around 8AM in the morning after a big fight yesterday night.

It was tiring. I meditated before going to bed and chanted some mantras which I believe in. It had a positive effect on me.

Today whole day was normal. “A normal day”

Nothing negative about my wife hit me. Actually all day I was ok.

After office we went to Jewel shop she bought an ornament and we had pizza and came home.

All day ran good actually. :)

Thank you God! I want to be like this.

But I do not know how I will crack and finish off my loans. :(

Want to really make it in remaining days.

God I need your help. I will surely clear-off my loans.

Please help!

After coming home and relaxing for a while we both were intimate and while she was next to me and she was pleasuring me my mind was away for a while thinking again she might have touched men in her past like this. It breaks me I know.

But I did let go of it. It hurt me for a while and I let it go.

I ironed my cloths and hers as we are going for a wedding in next 2 days. She did her yoga practice and hugged me :)

Me after finishing ironing my cloths and hers. I continued reading the book related to wellness and slept.

It’s around 1.10 AM I am going to sleep now.

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