by Klassy Goldberg

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all — along comes this unique and unusual image of a cliff diver jumping from a submarine garage into the Adriatic Sea on the island of Vis. Having blown our minds, we decided to get in touch with the photographer himself — Marjan Radovic. Scroll down to get the full story behind this incredible shot, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps!

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“This is a photo of Orlando Duque, a Red Bull athlete from Colombia. …

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Parting of the Feast” by Scott Carr

by 500px Editor-in-Chief DL Cade

Find out the story behind this remarkable photograph of a reef shark parting a school of fish. And no… it’s not Photoshopped.

Full-time engineer and part-time photographer Scott Carr received an early wedding present from a reef shark and school of fish in September of 2013. Shared with the community in 2015, his photo Parting of the Feast became one of the most popular Nature photos ever shared on 500px!

We got in touch with Scott to hear the story behind the shot. Here’s what he had to say:

The photo was actually taken the evening before our wedding. We had decided to get married on Heron Island in Queensland, Australia. Our friends and family had made the trip up there from South Australia and the day before our wedding I went scouting with my wedding photographers to work out the best locations we could use for bridal party photos the following day for the wedding. …

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Photo by Viktoria Haack

by 500px Photographer Viktoria Haack

Most photographers will tell you to specialize in one type of photography; Viktoria Haack has had great success doing the exact opposite…

When I was asked to write this article for 500px, it encouraged me to reflect on what photography means to me and how I have managed to nurture and grow my business in today’s competitive market. There are many photographers who have found success through specializing in one particular genre of photography; however, my own success has resulted from a conscious decision to embrace photography as a whole rather than become a specialist in one or two fields.

As a teenager at school in the UK I couldn’t wait to specialize and narrow down my field of study; I hated doing exams in ten different subjects and was more than keen to narrow it down to three for my final two years of school. At University I felt the same way: The subject matter was always too wide, I constantly wanted to get into the specifics. …



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