Peter Kreeft seeks resolution to the Reformation

Peter Kreeft set out an ambitious plan to unify Catholic and Protestant Christians. As a Catholic, he still concedes the legitimacy of the Reformation, and argues that a deep understanding of orthodox Christianity is shared between evangelical Christians and Catholic Christians.

He set out the key areas for unity, and affirmed that all of these can be reached because Christians have unity in Christ. To Kreeft, no compromise is necessary because orthodox Christians already agree on the core truths of Christianity. This optimism is based in his deep faith that Christ can solve any problem.

“Our signs (of faith) are obscure today, and that is why we are not winning the world,” he said. Christian disunity is sufficiently disastrous in his mind that reunion between Catholics and Protestants is an important goal.

He is optimistic because of his faith that Christ is the only thing that we need to unify. “If I meet God face to face and find that I am wrong about (Catholicism being right), I would still be his child.”

He told a series of jokes illustrating both that Jesus is the answer, and that Catholics do not have a monopoly on that truth. One centered on a Jewish man who saw the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church and converted immediately because “Any organization that corrupt should not last two weeks: God must be on their side if they have lasted 1500 years.”

Ultimately, he found the agreement that Catholics and evangelicals have is based on orthodox teaching, and so many modernist or liberal Christians would not have unity with orthodox believers, even in their own denomination.

No unity can exist without total faith in Christ as God. “We have unity in Christ, and in all the teachings that the Scripture gives us on Christ.”

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