Why would people prefer a real Christmas Tree over an artificial tree?

When the Holidays arrive families gather together to pick out their Christmas Tree, or either families enter their dusty basements to put together their artificial tree. There is two types of people, one that will rather have a real Christmas Tree or the one you put together. But what is the difference? Besides the fact that one is real and one isn’t

Well, some Americans might pick a real tree but why? Some of the people love the smell of a fresh pine tree. Walking into your house daily would always smell like pine, which is a stress reliever. Another reason is artificial trees don’t look as real. Sure, it is green. But it doesn’t look real.

The thought of having a fake tree sitting in your family room isn’t pleasing. Real Christmas Trees are the way to go. Plus it will be fun bringing the family together to pick out the perfect tree that you all can gather around and decorate is always memorable.