Financial applications of blockchain technology is perhaps the most important sector that could benefit the most from implementation of Matrix AI Network’s blockchain, to allow it to record details of payments, transfers etc on a ledger that is tamper proof. Matrix’s applications within finance have great potential to revolutionize the current financial landscape and bring about positive and long term impact.

Matrix’s blockchain has the ability to generate transactions which will serve as the critical component of adding important information to transaction data within the details along with an immutable certification as to the agreement to undertake that transaction. This…

Late last year Matrix had officially announced that it would be making its foray into the world of blockchain games, of course, for anyone keeping a close eye this wasn’t particularly news as months before Matrix had partnered with Bit Game , the world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games.

Matrix’s entry into gaming is no surprise, the gaming industry has always been one of the most innovative and rapidly changing industries, while gamers are always the quickest when it comes to technological adoption. Gaming is also one easy way of increasing usage of your blockchain ecosystem as it…

In the blockchain age, the key technological revolution in money and wealth is ‘tokenization’.

Creating new forms of money has been tried before but two things make bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies different from previous attempts, go some way in accounting for its apparent importance. One is that the system has decentralized governance. It requires no central authority, be it a bank or a government, to create the money, transfer it or keep it safe. This is all done by individuals in an open, public network. The other is that transfers are immutable and relatively fast. That means that blockchain-based currencies…

On February 2018 Matrix released one of the most hyped blockchains of the past year. Shutting down the naysayers and fudsters. Though not without its challenges, this marked a monumental milestone for the project.

When the Matrix project was announced around the end of 2017, it seemed to cause quite a storm especially when all the Chinese government relationships were mentioned. An oversubscribed ICO followed, selling out immediately after the opening date.

Ever since then the Matrix team has been working long and hard to deliver their project fabled as the next generation of blockchain technology. By combining artificial intelligence…

What is Matrix AI Network?

Matrix AI Network is a global open-source, public, intelligent blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system that uses AI and Blockchain technology. MATRIX aims to develop a blockchain that is faster, more flexible, more secure, and more intelligent.

Matrix AI Network has now been trading for over 18 months, initially starting trading on January 27th,2018 at the height of the crypto currency hype .

Matrix AI Network Token Details

Circulating Supply: 150,000,000 MAN

Total Supply: 250,000,000 MAN

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 MAN

The Matrix AI Network master nodes public master nodes have now been running for over a month, lets have a look and see how the network is holding up.

Matrix’s master nodes are responsible for ensuring the overall health, stability and longevity of the Matrix AI Network blockchain — public hosting of Master nodes also allow for the participation of the community which has so far played an important role supporting the project.

So far Matrix AI Network’s blockchain has processed over 4.5 million transactions with a max tps of 12,499 — considerably faster than most of the blockchains live…

From the first mention of Matrix AI Network, one of the biggest selling points was the project’s association with the Chinese One Belt One Road project, easily considered to be the largest global infrastructure project.

With the rising popularity and accessibility of blockchain technology, the Chinese government is actively involved with supporting and developing this technology — one way China is doing this is through their support for Matrix AI Network, the only blockchain provider for the One Belt One Road project.

The One Belt One Road project is a massive international project led by china with an estimated value…

A blockchain is a peer to peer transaction and database management system without an intermediary. The transactions are verified by a network of nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called blockchain.

IOT blockchain solutions can be built to store a continuously growing list of crypto graphically secured information about IOT devices secure from malicious acts. Blockchain can develop trust, transparency and accountability for IOT devices.

Matrix like the other blockchains that came before it is a distributed peer to peer ledger / distributed network. Matrix will help reduce the costs and unknown predictability issues of IOT devices by…

The long awaited Matrix AI Network master nodes are now live -after coming off the success with test net, its now time to stake your matrix main net tokens and participate in the stability and overall health of the network.

Master nodes are necessary for ensuring the health of the network they are supporting and as such please deploy your nodes carefully so as to ensure you don’t run into any issues.

First thing to make sure is that you have completed the token swap, you will not be able to stake the ERC20 tokens. …

If you could make a list of top 10 impactful technologies of the past 5 yeats, I think blockchain and artificial intelligence will make the list. Both have been incredibly paramount within this time and their popularity and use is only increasing as time goes on. These technoliges can both exist on their own but by using each as a means to support the individual we can increase the capabilities of both.

Matrix AI Network is one of the companies making strides in the development of both blockchain and AI technology.

Matrix’s Implementation of AI within Blockchain

Scalability Scalability is the ability for a technology to…


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