Most interesting question of the season next year, in my view.
Francois Galante

Draymond’s strengths are, in order, 1) basketball I.Q. 2) ball handling and passing skills 3) ability to defend bigger post players. KD also has a high hoops IQ but lacks the bulk to defend post players and is not a great ballhandler. Draymond made himself a competent (if streaky) 3 point shooter because opposing defenses left him alone at the 3 point line: when he was guarded out there he drove and either dished or threw lobs to Bogut and Ezeli. KD’s presence on the Dubs will not reduce the percentage of time that Draymond has the ball; the Dubs’ offense is predicated on ball and player movement, and a minimum of one-on-one ball stoppage. If anything, having another scorer who cannot be left alone will mean increased touches for Draymond.

Klay’s touches will go down a little, but I’m guessing that it will be Steph whose scoring decreases the most: he is an excellent distributor and he will happily share the ball with KD.

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