How has playing with Westbrook hindered Oladipo’s development?
Charles Tyler

It’s way too early to make a final decision on this deal, even though the initial optics aren’t good. We can say now that the Oladipo-Ibaka trade did not move the needle significantly for either team.

When Oladipo was in Orlando, he was one of their offensive leaders, and was learning how to create off the dribble, pass, and develop/extend his shooting range. With OKC he spends most of the game watching Westbrook hog the ball, such that when Oladipo does get the ball he has to shoot it. He has no opportunity to initiate the offense, and is not developing any kind of “give and go” game with the Thunder bigs. With OKC, Oladipo is simply a quieter version of Dion Waiters, and his potential to be more than that is unlikely to be realized unless Westbrook stops sucking up all of the oxygen in the offense.