Bad Year for Boars
diana hardeman

I had a stroke-like incident (numbness that spread through the entire right side of my body and loss of language ability) at 22, which I stupidly didn’t seek treatment for because it went away and I seemed fine after. But two weeks ago, at 31, I had basically the same thing happen again, and the doctors are at a loss for what’s caused it. The current best guess is acephalgic migraine with global aphasia (basically migraine with no headache but the loss of language, even though I’ve never had a migraine before), because they think it’s so unlikely that a healthy, active 30something would have a stroke. A friend told me to Google your story, and I want to say THANK YOU so much for sharing. I am definitely going to be seeking second opinions and “becoming the CEO of my own health”, as you mentioned, to get this figured out.

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