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Did you know most successful venture capital firms regularly receive hundreds of business plans each month, and among these, it is not unusual for a VC firm to actually fund only 0.25–0.5%. It might look like a narrow margin but don’t let that ruin your chances for investment. If you’ve got a solid brand, or at least the initial idea to start one, you can use that to your advantage to make a unique pitch that stands out from the crowd.

50inTech spoke with Avital Bayer and Yarin Weltsman from HiPitched to hear their lean methodology of how best to brand your pitch including insights on how to brand, how to collect relevant data, and how to tell the right story. HiPitched is a female-founded business design and strategy agency, based in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv, focusing on compelling branding, strategy, design and scaling. …

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The current economic climate drastically impacts how businesses operate, from significant scale backs to the employees fear of losing their job, many of us are having to adapt to survive. And it’s the business founders who are at the forefront of decision-making, currently trying to work out the most efficient ways to cut costs and react to make it through the other side of this crisis.

A group of the UK’s most prominent VC firms, corralled by LocalGlobe, have surveyed their portfolios to find out what impact Covid-19 is having on them — and what steps they’ve taken as a result. …

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Nobody was ready to plunge into such a brutal crisis. Some business models were strongly shaken and the founders had to find quick and smart solutions to keep their audiences engaged and remain visible without appearing unconcerned by the situation. A task that requires rapid decisions, execution, and risk acceptance but which can pay off in the end.

On May 5th, 50inTech’s community members virtually spoke with Clémentine Lalande, CEO of Once Dating Group, a perfect example of an adaptive professional who found smart solutions for her business to survive during this crisis.



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