• Irvine


  • abdullah farooq

    abdullah farooq

  • Akhil Bansal

    Akhil Bansal

    Leading the legal and Transaction advisory practice of the firm with a special focus on funds and startup ecosystem

  • Sanjay Enishetty

    Sanjay Enishetty

    Sanjay is an entrepreneur, a major contributor to the Startup ecosystem, he is currently the MD & CEO at 50K Ventures, an early stage VC firm in India.

  • Kapil Dutta

    Kapil Dutta

    Love to learn, ask questions and solve problems

  • Suman Jha

    Suman Jha

    Founder @Giscle | Serial Entrepreneur | Researcher | Data Scientist

  • sanmartin


  • Balakrishna Nuthakki

    Balakrishna Nuthakki

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