The blog here is a concise write up of the webinar, Art of Reporting by Vijay Gummadi, organised by 50K Ventures. Vijay has founded Carz, SmartAuto and Autorox with acquisition of Autorox by a Japanese automobile manufacturer. The webinar takes one through the importance of management reporting, KPIs required, what and who to report to. Find the recorded webinar here.

The basics of reporting is to be accountable to all your stakeholders. As a startup, reporting becomes essential to help the founders introspect and understand their business better. It also builds trust with investors. The core principles of reporting is…

The HBO documentary “The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley” outlines the story of ‘Theranos’ — the blood-testing startup whose founder Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth rose to USD 4.7 Billion released this Monday in the US. Theranos was founded in 2003 and by 2014 had attained a valuation of USD 9 Billion.

In 2015, questions started being raised about the disruptive & revolutionary blood testing technology that Theranos claimed to have developed. The SEC, in early 2018, charged Theranos with ‘massive fraud’ and initiated fraud investigations based on complaints it received and based on articles published in the Wall…

The Government Mentor Program’s first edition last year, in association with 50K Ventures, was a resounding success. It paved the way for a direct communication line between entrepreneurs and government officials, and not only did it aid the government in improving its various services and processes by identifying the correct startups relevant to them, but also encouraged young startups to come forward and approach the government.

The first edition of GMP invited applications from all over the country and the selected startups pitched to separate panels of mentors. The following 10 startups were chosen as finalists for the program:

  1. Stumagz

Entrepreneurship was a relatively unknown term until a decade ago but has now become commonplace, and the demographic which has taken to it very strongly is that of the students — who, until a few years ago were only looking for the security of well-paying government or MNC jobs.

These students are now pursuing their ideas in place of secure jobs, and with that, the new increasingly popular category that has emerged is that of Student Entrepreneurs. …

50K Ventures always encourages new thoughts and disruptive ideas, and we are continually working towards nurturing an environment when entrepreneurship can thrive. Keeping with this ideology, we held an interactive session with student entrepreneurs from iStart Rajasthan on 3 October, at the 50K Corporate Office.

iStart Rajasthan is a flagship initiative by the Government of Rajasthan to foster innovation, create jobs, and facilitate investment. The program aims to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship, which would further help in the economic growth of the state.

The young founders learned about the operations at a venture capital firm, and also pitched their ideas…

In India’s fast-growing economy, a persisting problem that been a part of our daily lives for a long, long time, remained- the search of a good domestic help. The problem was so severe that it spawned several jokes in various media, spoofs and parodies, and gave rise to numerous ‘maid-handling’ bureaus that had popped up in the late 20th century. Domestic helps were difficult to get by, more so the ‘good’ ones. In 2015, Bookmybai realised the solution to this prevalent difficulty and the many more that households and the helps faced.

One rampant but less overt side of the…

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