How to Fuck Yourself Up in Trading

  1. Go all-in on a hyped stock.
  2. Be overconfident and leave it there for a while without watching it.
  3. Work pa more.
  4. Come back giddily with an image of gains in mind (talk about hatching your eggs before they are even laid) and check the status of your stock.
  5. Sob in front of your screen and watch your stock sink.
  6. After you’ve exhausted all the hope in your body, go sell your fucking idiot stock and fuck yourself.

That’s how I fucked myself up today with PXP.

Yeah, kinda idiotic… kinda! LOL.

PXP Trade History

The persistent person inside of me bought another stock at pre-close, LOL. This is an Outside-BB-Play and I went all-in again, Hah!

Oct 19, 2016 port snapshot
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