DApp games are all here today.

It is an indisputable fact that digital asset wallets will become the super traffic entry of block chain in the future. At present, although there are many kinds of wallets on the market, their functions are generally single, and the types of digital assets supported are very limited.So is 51 Token, which only supports importing EOS and ENU accounts, about to become cannon fodder for the battle?

Obviously, this is impossible! Do not forget that this is only the 0.1 version, which is 10 times the space from the official version. Not to mention what the future 51Token will be like, after all, this is a “trade secret,” but the editorial can reveal a little today: the future 51Token will introduce other interesting DApp, in order to meet the “material needs” at the same time also bring “spiritual needs” pleasure!

Today, let’s first introduce the 3 DApp of interesting.

1、The king of EOS

Official website address: https://eosking.one/

Discord group: https://discord.gg/CTVrU7P

The contract is open at GitHub:


The king of EOS is a Dapp game running on the EOS block chain. Players can bid to seize royalty, profit from it and keep their kingdom engraved on the block chain forever.

The game principle is simple, but the strategy may be ever-changing.

Players can customize the name and flag of the castle when they seize power. Uploaded images will be displayed on the top of the castle. King’s nickname, Castle name and Castle flag are not required. So if you want to win royalty quickly, you can bid directly.

If you’re the king and other players succeed in taking your crown, you’ll get all the EOS he puts in.

If you are king for 24 hours in a row, the current EOS kingdom will always belong to you, and a new kingdom will begin! That is, the contract will open a new round of games with an initial amount of 1 EOS. The last king will lose all EOS. But you will enter the hall of fame, and the glory of the king is forever inscribed in the chain of blocks.

At present, the highest price of the castle has reached 299 EOS, I do not know if there will be a takeover, risk losing all the principal, to earn 35% of the profits.

The game is open source and claims that the contract has passed the Slow Fog Security Audit. We looked at the link to Slow Fog. Slow Fog actually provides open source validation of the contract, not code auditing. Contract open source validation demonstrates that the contract deployed on the chain and the open source contract are exactly the same, and does not prove that the contract code has been audited.

2、Eosbet games

Game address: dice.eosbet.io

Open source address:


The rule of the game is simple. It’s the size of a dice-toss game. You can drag the progress bar to bet a number of 1 to 100. Each game will produce a random number of 1 to 100. If the random number is smaller than the number you bet, your number is larger, you will win and win the prize. Of course, the odds of the game follow you. When you bet 96, the odds are only 1.03, the odds are high but the odds are low. If you put the progress bar on top of 50, then this is a very simple guessing game, the competition is probability.

Since it is an intelligent contract game, there is no need to worry about system manipulation. But the game is essentially a gambling game, the casino will also carry out pumping, so we still small gambling happy, big gambling hurt the body, control your greed.

3、EOS time and time

Recently, we are tired of playing the capital plate, pure probability of the game has also increased, such as this game called “EOS season color” game.

Game address: https://eosshishicai.com

EOS is a lottery game, as its name implies, with a prize every minute and 1440 issues a day. The lottery number consists of five digits, using the last digit of the serial EOS block number starting every minute as the lottery number for the previous issue. If the last digit of the ID of a block number is not a number, it is postponed to the next block.

The ID of the EOS block number is a 32-byte number that is randomly generated based on a series of very complex encryption algorithms, usually displayed in hexadecimal, and the lottery number takes advantage of such a truly random result as the lottery number.

Winning Rules: All five figures, 100,000 times the reward, the last four figures, 10,000 times the reward, less than a number will reduce ten times the reward, and so on, the last three winners reward 1,000 times, the second two winners reward 100 times, the latter 10 times the reward, the last number if the same as the number of the lottery. Similarly, less than 5 or greater than 5, you can get 2 times the reward, the platform will charge 2% Commission.

Unlike the plain money board game, the gambling game is a game of probability and luck, every minute to start also gave enough entrance opportunities, but still that sentence, small gambling happy, big gambling hurt the body, we must set a profit and loss boundaries, do not be these small games to the routine ~

How do you like to hear the introduction of me, do you think 51Token will bring you a lot of surprises in the future? In fact, the introduction of DApp is only the tip of the iceberg in the planning, in addition to more features waiting to be discovered, but you have to download the [51 Token] before you can! No download, download it!