Is the Dream Team about to Become a Nightmare Again?
Brandon Anderson

Brandon — first off, I appreciate your responding to my posts and defending your positions.

I think 2010 and 2014, the FIBA squads, look better in the rearview mirror then they did at the time. The 2014 was famous called the B-Team.

2010 did have insane star power — by today’s standards — but the 2010 versions of the same players they were not. Only Kevin Durant was an All NBA player that year and Derrick Rose and Chauncey Billups the only other All Stars. Guys like Westbrook, Curry, Love were still babies and not superstars.

2014 same thing — Harden was 1st team and Curry second team All NBA. AD was an All Star by coach voting (the real kind), Kyrie was a fan vote. That’s it. Boogie, DeRozen, Drummond, Klay were pups.

Again, those teams crushed everyone and the competition at the FIBA World Cup is always considered superior to the Olympics

This year, we have 7 guys on one of the All NBA teams plus 2 more All Stars. It’s not the line-ups we had at the other Olympics, but it’s really solid and I think they are going to destroy everyone.

You aren’t off base to say we can lose, but I didn’t think your piece did enough to talk about how much the program has evolved to effectively leverage our unmatched depth of talent which, to me, says we have re-widened the gap between the US and everyone else considerably.

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