Today is an historic day for the future of the EU. Although I’m guessing regardless of how the vote turns out, this won’t be the end of the debate since there are strong defenders on both sides.

That said, I’d still like to give my two cents because it’s really a discussion about the idea of world collaboration in general. As an American, I understand why there are those in the UK who resist the idea of relinquishing any sovereignty to a foreign body for any reason. In the US for example, there are some who believe participation in the UN essentially puts our nation at risk of losing its ability to rule its own internal affairs. However, ultimately the idea of a world left to establish order from its own devices is an idea that is rejected by most who have an even nominal understanding of geopolitics, and therefore to abandon the UN outright is typically left for those completely on the fringe.

And while I understand this might not necessarily be a fair comparison, because the UN does not have the same powers to dictate US internal affairs as membership in the EU does. When considering the way the EU has created a sense of commonality, this is definitely a fair comparison.

So in that sense I argue today’s vote in the UK whether to leave or remain is pivotal to global momentum and specifically to the future of overall collaboration among nations. In the end I’m hopeful the same way the Scottish people voted to remain a part of the UK in 2014, and preserve that union then, will be the same way the UK decides to remain a part of the EU today. Because in the end there truly is more power when we are unified rather than divided.