Personality Assessments

I’m fascinated by the idea that something as complex as human personality can be understood via categorical principles which unify specific types to behave in relatively predictable manners.

As I stated in a previous entry, I’m an “ENTP” by the MBTI temperament assessment system, and I tend to adhere to a lot of the classification requirements of my type.

That said, I find it to be a big problem when people fall into the trap of using their type as an excuse for why they behave in a specific manner, and in doing so, refuse to change.

It’s like some people want to use their personality type to justify thinking in a rigid manner, and as a result refuse to accept the fundamental reality of the human mind which is new ways of thinking can always be learned.

A few moments ago I posted an opinion to a discussion board which was talking about this idea. The OP stated that all types behave in this or that manner, and as a result finding content in a relationship with said type would be impossible.

I couldn’t resist. I had to give my opinion.

Basically I said what I’m saying here. That is, sure personality assessments are great. They can predict perspectives and behaviors relatively well. However, they are not fool proof, and since all are administered by humans, there is considerable possibility for incorrect results.

So while I’m a big advocate of these tests, and find the categories to be useful, I’m unwilling to let them dictate everything about my life. And I definitely would not use a test like this to rule out developing a relationship with another person.