Many Things Suck — Day 3

So Here’s What Happened When I Quit Complaining for 30 Days

Today I have to go to my great uncle’s wake.

When I say I “have to.” I realize that is a complaint. Disguised as an obligation. I feel obligated to go and I’m not exactly looking forward to it.

Is the worst thing in the world to pay your respects and see some second cousins you only know a little bit from when you were 12? No. There are worse things. But it’s a lovely spring Saturday and I have so much to do…

I realize that not only is this position I’m taking a complaint, but I also had snuck in some complaining last night, when I was telling my Dad I was going to Uncle Frank’s wake today. Because… someone from our family had to. Everyone else was either out on spring break or out of touch that side of the family or didn’t even remember him.

Someone has to do the duty work…

So, I would represent us. Because it’s the right thing to do. (Ain’t I special?)

Uncle Frank was a good guy, that’s what anyone would say. He had been married to my mom’s favorite Aunt, who passed away a couple years ago, the same year as my mom. They were both sad deaths.

I remember Uncle Frank, at Aunt Arlene’s wake, saying to me “I told your dad that now she gets to join her favorite niece up in heaven. They can do some cooking and cleaning together.”

(Since that’s what they were known for, and were so good at, both of them.)

That’s actually the only thing I remember Uncle Frank ever saying to me. I’m sure he said stuff at weddings and when I was a little kid. But today, all I remember is that one sweet thing he said at his wife’s wake, about my mom, to my dad and to himself, who both unwillingly survived their wives and watched them suffer at the end.

Now Uncle Frank gets to join his beautiful wife and her favorite niece, who have the place all tidied up and have some comfort food in the oven for him.

So, yeah, I’m going. And I’m not complaining about it.
Because suddenly, it feels special.

To be continued on Day 4, when I’m paying bills and look up Exelon.

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