This article shows simply lack of desire and ambitions which hamper the evolution and…
rohan faraday

rohan faraday, thanks for sharing that point of view. Your interpretation of what it means to be content — to stop growing or bring life to a standstill — is not the case in my experience. Simplicity doesn’t equal resignation or apathy. Self-acceptance offers you the peace of mind to make wise and aware choices about what you’ll try next. It’s not the high drama of Shakespearean characters and how they tend to suffer, destroy or be victimized.

Yes, I have learned it with age and some rough years in the school of life: When you are content with a peanut butter sandwich for lunch it doesn’t mean you never want to try sushi or that you refuse to eat dinner. So why waste energy on the discontent of “my lunch sucks” when instead it can be “I have jam, let’s try that?” And which approach is more relevant to evolution?

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