The small quiet town of Billund on the western stretch of Denmark is home to the world’s most famous toy company, Lego and also home to the first Legoland Tourist Park. The drive up from Germany (it’s only 1.5 hours from the border) takes you through scarce farming lands and tiny roads, we almost thought the navigator was taking us on a wild goose chase! Eventually we entered the town of Billund and saw the enormous Lego factories, where, since 1952 Lego bricks have been produced.

As you leave the car park and step across the road you are greeted…

One of my favourite aspects of Tokyo life to visit is the bustling and somewhat crazy manga/anime scene. Manga, being the typically black and white Japanese cartoon comic books and anime being the ‘animation’ of these in to television series or films (famous anime includes Dragonball Z, Astro Boy, Pokemon etc). Japanese culture seems to thrive on the cartoon themes with so many manga style restaurants, signage, art and fashion around the country. It’s hard to mistake you’re in Japan when you see Shinkansen (high speed commuter trains) adverts with the trains drawn as Transformer toys!

On our most recent…


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