How to Track a Package without Knowing the Courier?

Once upon a time, I do not believe that a person who wants to track packages should not know who is the courier carrying the parcel. Until one day, one of my friend who owns a shop online tells me that she does not know how to track package because she do not know the courier.

I am so alarmed that a sophisticated seller with 10 years of experience in selling goods online should encounter such a problem. If a seller do not know which courier carries the item, then how can she tell her customers the delivery routes of their parcels? Another wired thing is that she has no problem in figuring out who is the courier before. So I am going to explore this out and try my best to help my friend identify the courier.

After communicating with my friend, I finally know what happened. The fact is that she is starting AliExpress Dropping recently. That is when buyers purchase something from her website, she then bought the same stuff from AliExpress vendor and then that vendor ships goods directly to buyers’ address. Unfortunately, the vendor at AliExpress usually only just provides a tracking number to her without telling the courier.

So how can you track a package without knowing the courier anyway?

Step 1: Enter your tracking number at Trackingmore and then click “Track”. For most time, you will be directed to the courier tracking page and on that page you can find the courier name.

Step 2: If you are not directed to the courier tracking page directly, then you can see a page where the potential couriers are displayed.

Step 3: Click every potential courier to enter each courier tracking page, find the page that shows tracking info. And in the page that has tracking info will display your courier.

Another great method is to know the typical courier tracking number format. For example, you can tell this tracking number “1Z3XV1836816510382” is from UPS because it starts with “1Z3XV”.

Now, you already know how to track a package even if you do not know the courier.