How I built a CMS, and why you shouldn’t
Petr Palas

Oh dear — I’m one of those people you are talking about.

I just finished writing my own CMS, mainly because my clients were having so much trouble dealing with WordPress and Wix.

Most of them have no technical understanding at all. Just navigating around a dashboard is a challenge, and when I explain about updates, plugins, backups and security I got a lot of blank looks.

I wanted something extremely easy to use, so I started coding.

Hundreds of hours and lines of PHP later, I finally had a usable product.

I tried it out on my own website and a few blogs. It’s easy to use and modify since I know every line of code. The biggest problem is getting the ‘machinery’ to work on multiple websites. It’s definitely a work in progress…

What surprised me the most was not the amount of effort it took, but how much fun I had. After spending years working with existing CMS frameworks, I could finally code what I wanted. It was like tossing out the Etch-a-Sketch and picking up a pencil. Freedom to create!

Like other DIY projects, from sewing curtains to making cookies from scratch, there is something incredibly satisfying about writing a CMS.

However, I will check out the headless model — thanks for the information.

Susan (there’s a link to a demo)

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