“Return to the Teenage Brain” Letter to the Editor

Re “Return to The Teenage Brain,” commentary, oct. 8 : Richard A. Friedman explains how we could try to recapture neuroplasticity by preventing HDAC from occurring in the brain. This makes the brain’s plasticity from occurring again. Friedman explains that if we use a HDAC inhibitor for example Trichostatin we could bring back the brain’s plasticity.

Although Friedman says we could bring back our plasticity, he also says that giving the brain its plasticity back could cause some diseases. This is why i disagree with him. He explains how it could cause Alzheimer’s and Autism which are two diseases I wouldn’t like to deal with myself when I get older.

I don’t agree with this for one reason which is that we weren’t made to have plasticity in our later lifetime. We shouldn’t be tampered with how our brain works that could affect us in a bad way in the future. We need to develop the way we were intended to. I’d rather take long and frustrating time trying to learn chinese then to get a severe disease that will make forget all my memories in the future.

Fernando S.