Living the dream

I made it. I arrived. I’m living the dream.


As I sit here on this golden sandy beach, sipping my sweet coconut drink, working on my gold Macbook, I feel fantastically cool.

Although it is impossible to view the screen due to glare from the sun and the speed of my wifi is extremely slow because I’m sat 100 metres away from the router, I don’t care — I am a DIGITAL NOMAD!!!

For years, I have been asking lots and lots of questions on reddit.com/r/digitalnomad in preparation for my 2 month trip abroad and finally my hard work has paid off.

I have managed to secure a part time writing gig working for someone named Johnny FD. It’s a sweet assignment because I am genuinely interested in the topic.

Some might think the subject is seedy, but I see no problem in writing a guide on how to pick up women, and I have to admit, some of the tips and tricks will come in handy when I meet the local ladies.

Thanks to Reddit, I found a lovely room for $38 per month, which is actually exactly 10% of my monthly income! The room is small and the shelf in the bathroom is broken, but you can’t have it all.

Below, is the room I am staying in. The guy in the video is paying $50 per month, but I managed to get it cheaper because I managed to negotiate a long stay!

Later I will be heading into town. I hear there is a nice coworking space where nomads hangout and practice tai chi standing on a tree stump. It sounds like the perfect unpretentious place to work.

I hope the people at the workspace don’t actually do any work though! I would love to just endlessly talk to them instead. Because, as you know, networking is very important.

Truth is, it’s a bit lonely here and I am desperate to meet up with some other digital nomads. The locals are ok, but I really need some real human interaction.

I am looking to join a nomad chatroom so I can connect with “like minded” people. The registration fee is a little high at $100, but that’s the price you pay to hang out with cool digital nomads (oh, if you own a laptop and like to travel, hit me up and we can go for coffee sometime).

For my next post I will post a complete breakdown of my packing list. I will go into great detail about my favourite brand of underwear because it’s important you know which ones I wear. Look out for my review on eyemasks too, I have been testing quite a few over the last week so I can provide an in depth review on the best ones to get.

P.S. I’m thinking of making these badges as my next business venture. They allow you to instantly identify fellow cool digital nomads so you don’t waste time talking to normal boring people. Think how quickly you will be able to connect and have coffee with other nomads! I will post a survey on Reddit to get your feedback.