Welcome to 5Degrees!

  1. 5Degrees is ongoing.

2. It’s time to introduce 5Degrees to the web3.0 era! A protocol for the decentralized social network powered by NFT, helps people to get into Web3.0 easily. Discover in https://5degrees.io/#/

3. White Paper of 5Degrees protocol on Mirror: https://bit.ly/3HQfwbj
White Paper of 5Degrees protocol on @opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/5degrees

4. The core mission of Web3.0 is to return the data ownership of Web2.0 to the users. That’s what @5Degrees_ aims to do.
Own your data, and meet your friend in web3.0.

5. In order to make the protocol simple enough, permissionless, and composable, we choose to build the protocol under the existing ERC-1155 standard.

6. Compatible with the ERC-1155 standard, meaning it will be easily implanted into any protocol or business of Web3 that supports ERC-1155, which brings more possibilities for DeFi composability now.

7. You just need 200 lines of code to complete this protocol, do you remember the last star protocol with 200 lines of code? @Uniswap

8. 5Degrees protocol required a large number of developers to build. You just need to focus on your business and combine the network to realize the various products, you don’t need to worry about the user relationship being inaccessible.

9. To give you some better inspiration, we have integrated social modules for @Uniswap and @PancakeSwap. Users can easily know the detailed data of the transactions of the people they have followed in @Uniswap and PancakeSwap

10. We have developed a bridge product — https://bridge.5degrees.io, which is convenient for bridging web2 users to web3, and a Fans3 that is convenient for maintaining users’ personal information. But now, these are just prototypes. Let’s build a beautiful #web3 world together.

11. As you can see, the 5Degrees protocol is fully open source for the community to build on. We are also working on achieving the integration of more DApps. Make web3.0 happens everywhere. Welcome to submit your project at https://bit.ly/3HSLlQM.

12. We also support users to edit their own personal NFT information in Profile, at the same time, 5Degrees supports the ENS @ensdomains, DAS @realDASystems, RNS @rss3_ usernames display currently. Looking forward to further cooperation in the future.

13. 5Degrees is now supporting @BinanceChain, @ethereum, and @0xPolygon. Stay tuned for supporting more public chains.



Own your data, and meet your friends in Web3.0.

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