Divergent Paths

Challenges are fun. There are a ton of times that we go through life haphazardly. We set ourselves on a path toward easy fulfilment. We rarely challenge the status quo. We just live through the boring monotony that is easy to take. We choose to do what is fairly simple. We will not let go and try to push ourselves further.

Is it all a hoax? Are we bound to be simple? Are we sheep looking for a shepherd? It seems like everywhere we turn in life there will always be two paths: the easy route and the route less travelled. Is it wrong to take the easy route? It depends on your own frame of reference.

If the easy route makes you happy as an individual than take it. If it also causes you to grow, also take it. The problem is if the easy route is not challenging you to become better. If this is the case, the answer is definitely to take the road less travelled. There may be more obstacles in the way, but overall you may be more happy in the end. You became a stronger individual who forged through difficulties.

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