Faith is an object that is hard to explain. We as individuals define faith as a myriad of items. Without it we are doomed to a bleak outlooks on life. With it, there is a source of empowerment given to any user. Whether one applies this to a religious stand point or not, faith is integral to everyday function. A lot of compounded daily activities would have no value if we did not have faith in them leading to a good result.

I would be a terrible person and could get away with it, if there was no faith in the effect I have on others. One can question faith with a large sum of evidence that may contradict a viewpoint at any moment. There still is an overall basis of faith that sets us toward fulfilment and manifest destiny.

Without faith in all of our daily lives, we would have no purpose. We would aimlessly wonder the depths of the Earth constantly looking for more. We would leave the wide net of possibilities due to intense pessimism. Ultimately this is not the optimal life, so in order to get past that is to embrace faith in the items you spend precious time on.

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