I don’t know what I would do without fun in my life. Whether I apply that to work, friends, and family, I cannot live a life lacking fun. 24/7 there is a pressure from outside ourselves to not be carefree individuals who look to make the best out of life. There is so much opportunity to have fun and just goof around.

As we age, we are constantly forced to accept the fact that life is not exciting. I pride myself on being someone who will always look to have fun first. I can have some realism and say that I need to be aware that not everything in life is a bed of roses. It is on myself to make the most out of everything. Having fun creative spins to mundane tasks can make things better.

Although there are some things that are innately boring, the world is filled with splendour. I can choose to do activities that excite me everyday. Who says we need to grow up and be “boring” adults. We can have even more fun than we did in our childhoods, if we let the inner child in us shine.

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