Hard Headed

I have grown up in a very strict but loving household. My family shows their love for one another in different ways than most. Our form of care for each other is constantly putting questioning each other and pushing each other to do better. I always from a little age was annoyed by this, but I never truly had a reason for it. It just seemed like the normal thing to do as a rebellious child in any family to go against everything said to me.

As I have aged, I have started to see where some of my habits created through my family have been amazing for me. Due to my family life, I have truly grown into a confident individual. I can say that everything I do in life has been because of myself. It feels good to see the positives of how family life has brought me to where I am today.

But I also have to acknowledge some downside. I used to get annoyed 24/7 with my parents about the constant need to give their opinion on everything that is slightly going wrong in my life. It comes through great intention, but it does need to put on a leash. I noticed that due to this, I tend to be in the same mindset for those that I do care for and truly love. I think that words of advice and questioning are my best contributors to friendships. I realize though that sometimes I need to not be hard headed and take my foot of the gas pedal in terms of showing that love.

I see where I have been annoyed in the past. Why should I repeat patterns? Sometimes a deeper analysis of the past helps for the future. So I will try to do that listening thing more. I should strive to only give advice when my friends want it. The best way to show love for most people does not necessarily have to be my way.

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